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The Long Road To Woodstock---At The Seattle Olympic Hotel, The Golden Lion (Restaurant) (1)

The Long Road To Woodstock---At The Seattle Olympic Hotel, The Golden Lion (Restaurant) (1)

My time at the Seattle Olympic Hotel was brief. I probably started working there towards the end of May, and by the end of July I was finished. I don't really have a timeline for various events, other than the maid's strike, which we'll get to later. And I'm not really too clear on just how the episode I'm about to relate fits in, other than that it happened.
Of course, throughout the summer, I made various attempts to pick-up girls, or at least get friendly with girls. One girl I remember was this really sweet, shy, lovely, kind-of-All-American girl (my girlfriend back in Ohio was not an All-American girl, because she was too short---the All-American girl stands between 5' 6" and 5' 9", and Joan was maybe 5' 2", and the girl I would date the following year, from Bryn Mawr, was not an All-American girl either, because she was too tall---she was maybe 5' 10" and amply proportioned, though very attractive---when she sat in my lap, it was like cuddling a baby elephant).
Unfortunately (and also thrillingly), the really sweet, shy, lovely, kind-of-All-American girl had a boyfriend who was in jail for dealing marijuana. Thrilling, of course, because if she was willing to date a drug felon there was no telling what else she was willing to do. Unfortunate, because, as I soon learned, she was going to stay loyal until he got out of jail. But I think she came later in the summer anyway.
So that leaves us with the story of the little cocktail waitress from the Golden Lion restaurant. Except, she worked in the club that was attached to the restaurant, and I don't remember the name of the club. I don't remember how I knew her either. Did she come down to the employee restaurant and did I chat her up? That seems unlikely. Was she somebody's sister, and did they introduce me or set me up? It's possible that she came later in the summer too, but I just don't know.
Anyway, she worked in the club, and the club was kind of like a Playboy Club. I mean, the waitresses wore hardly any costume, and the customers were moneyed cigar-smoking white males. So a date with this girl (let's call her Kristi---that's a good name for girls who work in places like that), a date with Kristi was almost like a free ticket to Paradise, as the saying goes.
So yours truly was excited, and more so when she picked the place (seems like she had the car too---she more or less ran the whole show) for our date. She said we should go out to Alki Point (a Point familiar to all Seattleans, I guess), spread out a blanket, and watch the sun go down.
And I'm going to have to leave it right here while I scan my next image for The Long Road To Woodstock series. . .

On Air

On Air

A Korean TV crew broadcasts outside the Radisson Martinique hotel on West 32nd St, between 5th Avenue and Broadway.

I was about to line up for another shot when I was approached by the hotel doorman, William.

"Can I ask you a question?"
"It's about my camera.. when I take a picture it blacks out for 15 seconds afterwards, do you know why?"
"It could be that it's slow writing to the memory card..."
"Hmm.. you think so? Would you mind taking a look at it?"
"Sure, no problem..."
"I'll be right back!"

And so I spent about ten minutes with the doorman and his camera (a small Coolpix compact) - half that time by myself as he helped hotel guests (I guess I have a trustworthy face and he figured I wouldn't run off with it) - as we worked our way through the myriad menus (providing an opportunity to explain the rudiments of white balance and other such settings), eventually stumbling upon one that seemed to do what he wanted, even if it wasn't what I originally thought he was asking for. An appropriately firm doormanly handshake later and I was on my way.

So although I lost the chance to take another, possibly better, shot of the scene above, I gained the opportunity to spend a little time with a NY "character" and listen to him tell his story about how he bought the camera from a friend for $80 (and wanted me to tell him if he got a good deal). It was an interesting experience - he seemed genuinely excited, in almost a child-like way, to have found someone to help him out. Since one of my objectives is to learn more about my adopted home city through photography, I count this as a success, even if it did cost me some shooting time.

If I were a better, more experienced, older photographer, I might have gone a step further and asked William to pose for a portrait, as he'd have made an excellent subject. Right now, I have neither the "look" (think "pro photographer") nor the bravado to pull off such a request, which is something of a shame.

Speaking of child-like excitement, when I showed this shot to my two-year old daughter, her eyes widened and she yelled "oval!", so I've tagged it accordingly (even if the reflector was really round) :-)

how to get deals on hotels

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