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Boutique Hotels In Turkey

boutique hotels in turkey

    boutique hotels
  • (Boutique Hotel) A hotel with a very unique design and decor, which is usually independent of other hotel chains.

  • Boutique hotel is a term popularized in North America and the United Kingdom to describe intimate, usually luxurious or quirky hotel environments.

  • A small stylish hotel, typically one situated in a fashionable urban location

  • (Boutique Hotel) A boutique hotel is a small property, typically offering an enhanced level of service and marketed to the affluent.

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Five boutique hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

Five boutique hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

Fairly new organic boutique hotel within walking distance from Taksin in Istanbul.
The hotel was fairly nice, but I think they are not fully organic-eco friendly as they pretend to be. Eg, no message to reuse bathtowel and bed linen.
The aircon was funny and I never managed to get the temperature I wanted which led to that I froze during the entire stay. I also had problem with electricity in my room. The fuse? did get broken. The hotel was not full at all but they refused me to change to another room, but wanted to seld electrician while I was out on business. they asked me to use the toilet in another room instead which I find is bad service. The staff was nice and I would consider stay here again but they must improve.

There are kettle, you get amenities such as shampoo, conditioner and nice organic soap.

The breakfast was some times buffe, some times pre-arranged set depending on the occupancy of the rooms.

Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum, Turkey

boutique hotel infinity pool -- view of the castle of st. peter on the aegean coast.

I knew I was going to love this place when the hotel's enthusiastic chivalry at check-in
sent me toppling to the floor when they tried to pull my backpack off my shoulders.
I've never laughed so hard!

boutique hotels in turkey

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